【Bellator】パトリシオ・フレイレが負傷。Bellator 188を欠場。

Injury forces champ Patricio Freire out of Bellator 188; Lahat vs. Labiano new headliner

Bellator 178: Straus vs. Pitbull 4でダニエル・ストラウスを撃破してBellatorフェザー級王者となったパトリシオ・”ピットブル”・フレイレですが、王者となった4月以来試合をしていません。

Bellator 188を欠場。

11月16日にイスラエルで開催されるBellator 188でダニエル・ウェイチェルと対戦予定でしたが、負傷によりBellator 188を欠場することとなります。



(Em português nos comentários) I’m sad to announce I’ll no longer be fighting in Israel next week. Multiple injuries prevent me to perform. A couple months ago due to a training accident I suffered a serious injury and started treating it immediately. I had to stop training for a few weeks and then I was able to start with several limitations. But due to those, other parts of my body were overcharged and new injuries kept piling up. I’ve been doing physical therapy three times a day, I was lent a 25k dollars machine to sleep with every day, and although I wasn’t in my best condition I had no intention to pull out. In all my years in Bellator I only pulled out of a fight once due to a hand fracture. Up until Wednesday the fight was 100% on. On Thursday came the doubt as one of the injuries aggravated. I deliberated with my team what to do up to 2am. I decided to test myself on Friday on my last sparring session. And then it became obvious I had no condition to step up in that cage. It’d be a disrespect to me, to the fans, to my opponent and to Bellator. I’ll have to take 30 days off and then I’ll be able to start training again. I plan to fight in February at the latest and defend my belt against Daniel Weichel. See you all soon.

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